Monday, March 22, 2010


So... The MacBook is up and running and looks great. I also upgraded my OS system and now can't print anything on my printer. WTF, Epson?

I have been up to my elbows working on prepping 365. We have auditions this Saturday. All 74 slots are filled and we have a waiting list. All 26 directors are lined up, which is just the most insane thing ever. They're all awesome and we'll produce 26 miracles for 365.

I have a Writing 6 show up called Wait...It Gets Better and we keep selling out. I have an Advanced Writing show coming up in April called AnthroApology 101 and am spending a good chunk of today editing all our scenes into a master script.

It's spring break at Columbia and I'm grateful because it means I can get some other work done - hey, that's not a break!

And America passed a Healthcare Bill that is NOT reform, but is a lot better than what was going on and will hopefully lead to real reform (public option or single payer).

What's in the bill that takes effect immediately? I'm going to the dentist next week and will also get a complimentary abortion.