Monday, October 24, 2011

Writng The 10-Minute Play with Joe Janes

with Joe Janes

Classes start THIS Saturday (October 29th) and there are still slots left.

What is the difference between a 5-minute sketch and a 10-minute play?  That extra four minutes means everything in this course that will explore character, story and subtext. 

During this 8 week course, students will...

- complete and revise 3-5 10-minute plays that will be ready for submitting to contests or festivals
- experience writing for a director and cast in the same manner used to develop "50 Plays"
- see their work performed before an audience in a staged reading by experienced actors

$340/$310 early registration, 8 weeks, 3 hours

Prerequisite: Writing 6 or Approval by Instructor

To register, call the training center at 312-664-3959 or click HERE

To request approval for admission, e-mail me at