Thursday, March 13, 2008

Hell's Smells


Yesterday, I asked...

"Northhampton, Mass. city officials recently hired the Agawam environmental company to do what to their landfill?"

42% said "Feng Shui it"
- Coffee grounds and baby diapers should be mindfully separated to create flow and make one feel energized while strolling through the landfill.

28% said "Hide it"
- Is it a landfill or is it ART!

Nobody said "Turn it into condos"
- With this market and the general quality of condos, wait and the condos will turn into landfills.

And 28% got it right with "Sniff it"

According to the Associated Press, a "sniff squad" of trained noses is being called in to root out Northampton's landfill odors. The city has hired specially trained stink-sniffers to help determine whether the dump is too pungent for neighboring homeowners to stand. Northampton officials signed a $25,000 contract with an Agawam environmental company after state officials ordered independent testing of landfill odors. Using little more than their own noses, the super sniffers are trained to detect and rate the strength of rotting trash, landfill gases and other unpleasantries.

They are paying someone $25,000 to tell them if their landfill is too smelly for its neighbors? Ladies and gentlemen of Northampton, I think I can save you some money here. Ask the neighbors!