Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Dada D-Day

Last week was a heavy rehearsal schedule for Soirée Dada: Blinde Esel Hopse. On top of running the show and ironing out details, we hit Millennium Park on Sunday afternoon in full costume and make-up to hand out post cards. It was a lot of fun. Kids love us. Park security guards hate us. Dada Boxcar discovered that the lions in front of the Art Institute are fully equipped in the rear. It was a bright, sunny day. I found out that the whiteface make-up acts as a sunblock. When I got home Sunday night, I noticed I had a rim of light sunburn around my face. I spent Labor Day feeling exhausted and took it easy. Recharging my batteries for this week's schedule and opening. (The above picture is the German dadaists tormenting one of the french dadaists. It was taken by the multi-talented Michael Brownlee.)

Here's info about the show and a special deal just for this weekend.

Soiree DADA: Blinde Esel Hopse
(Loosely translated: DADA Party: Blind Donkey Hopscotch)

For photos and info go to:

September 7 – October 14
Thursday - Saturday @ 7:30 p.m, Sundays @ 3 p.m.

At the Studio Theater in the Chicago Cultural Center, 77 East Randolph Street
Tickets are $20
($15 for students and seniors)
312.742.TIXS (8497)

***ALERT! SPECIAL OPENING WEEKEND DISCOUNT when you get to the box office say “Monkey shines” and touch your nose. You will get $5 off!*******


Greg Wendling of I'm So Tired has joined The Nod. He will be one of our guests in the first half of the show. You can also check out his friend Madge Fairwell, an older woman grappling with a rapidly changing world, at Madge's Musings.


Yesterday, I asked...

"Two men went on a drinking spree in Soweto, South Africa. What makes their excursion unusual is what?"

29% answered "They posed as police and drank free."
- No, and I hope I didn't give anyone any ideas. Or that they at least raise a glass for me.

29% also thought it was "They are both only five years old."
- Big, hairy five year olds, apparently, who prefer their milk shaken, not stirred. Nope.

Nobody fell for "They woke up in a front yard sans pants."
- Guess it was too normal an occurrence for my readers.

42% got the correct answer, and just a wrong thing to do, is "They stole a hearse with a body in it."

According to the BBC, the men were caught after the hearse ran out of gas and they asked three women they had met at a drinking den to help push the hearse. The men told the women they were on their way to bury the body of a relative but the women told the police. The hearse driver said it was stolen when he parked outside his home to go inside to get money for gas. Stealing a hearse with a body in it sounds like the plot of a bad 80's frat boy movie, but who stops to get money for gas on their way to a cemetery? If I die in South Africa, just feed me to the zebras.