Friday, April 25, 2008

The Greatest Stories Never Told...TOLD!

Yesterday was one of those days where I had to be somewhere early and didn't end up near a computer again until 2pm. My humble apologies to my countless readers (well, countless because my mind wanders) who checked in to Bite and Smile and got bupkiss.

One thing I did yesterday morning was help out at an 826 workshop. We were working with a class of fifth graders from an elementary school on the south side. In this workshop, we all got to work with a small group of kids and write a story together. They wrote, I typed and nudged them along. I had three girls who wanted to tell a mushy love story about Johnny and Akeelma who met in pre-school and are still together! It was called Johnny and Alkeema's Pre-School Kiss. It had a bit of a Romeo and Juliet thing going on. Johnny and Akeelma fell in love, but were torn apart by Johnny's mother who was big and mean. It didn't work out for Johnny and Akeelma until five years later when Johnny's mother went down to Florida to fight all the alligators for money and the young lovers could spend some time together without fear. Sigh...very romantic. I love working with kids and these three young ladies were throwing in everything they could into the story. If we had another day and unlimited space for their book, we would have had the full Johnny/Akeelma biography.


Because of RvD's opening production of The Greatest Stories Never Told...TOLD! we are cancelling robowriters for April 26th and May 3rd. We will return on the 10th. Come see our show. It's a lot of fun and there are worse things you could do with ten bucks.


On Wednesday, I asked...

"A lab technician in Aurangabad, India is under arrest for stealing and trying to sell what?"

54% said "A Bollywood actor's mole"
- The are crazier than we are when it comes to celebrity. It's always a good thing when you can point to someone worse than you on something.

9% said "Placebos"
- And someone bought them with counterfeit money.

9% said "Drug-laced rabbits"
- What's up, Doc? No. Really. What's up? Got anything? Help me out here.

24% got it right with "Sperm"

According to The Associated Press, a laboratory technician who allegedly tried to make a quick buck by stealing samples from the Indian sperm bank where he worked has been arrested after a doctor tipped off police, authorities said Tuesday. The employee allegedly stole the sperm from a sperm bank in the western city of Aurangabad, and tried to sell 101 vials of it to a doctor in Mumbai for about $625. The doctor declined and called police. Infertility expert Dr. Aniruddha Malpani described the alleged theft as "bizarre" because vials that are not properly labeled would be "worse than useless." "Anyone would have a hard time selling sperm vials. They must be stored in a liquid nitrogen container. It doesn't make any sense," Malpani said.

This is why I keep my sperm labeled and on ice. Look for it on eBay. This stuff is just too good to keep to myself.