Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I Believe...

...that we tend to hope for the best, assume the worst and watch a lot of movies and television to avoid thinking of either.

...that holidays seem to be more about getting time off and partying than actually meditating on the meaning of the holidays. When scheduling around your impending hangover becomes an issue...

...that for someone who is non-salaried, the holidays can mean less work, thus less money at a time when spending more money is expected. Not much of a holiday.

...that for improvisation to be successful, one needs to be emotionally invested in an outcome.

...that President Obama has jumped the shark in trying to appease the GOP by extending the Bush Tax rates, but what he doesn't realize is that republicans still aren't going to be fans of his show. And current fans are going to stop caring.

...that the reason I look a gift horse in the mouth is because I'm not tall enough to look the horse in the eye.