Friday, March 23, 2012

Pretty From A Distance

Robot vs. Dinosaur's new show opens TONIGHT!

The RvD writers (clockwise from left) Nat Topping, Me, Susie Gutowski, Becca Levine, Greg Wendling, Chris Othic and Rammel Chan
Robot vs. Dinosaur Presents: PRETTY FROM A DISTANCE

The cast of Pretty from a Distance (l-r) Mike Johnson, Nat Topping, Torian Miller, Susie Gutowski, Rammel Chan and Becca Levine

Friday and Saturday nights at 7:30pm
March 23-April 7

Luna Central
3914 N. Clark St.
Chicago, IL 60613

 Tickets may be purchased at the door or in advance on-line by clicking HERE
Like the Horsehead Nebula poised over Orion’s nether-regions, Robot vs. Dinosaur’s latest sketch show, Pretty from a Distance, is a beacon to souls lost in the universe. Directed by RvD veteran Chris Othic, the 75-minute show addresses big questions about our place in the universe and the rituals of life. Unlike a lot of sketch comedy, it's got a lot of heart and minimal dick jokes. We think you'll like it and leave the theater chanting ""Not insignificant, but insignif-I-CAN!"
Rammel Chan
Susie Gutowski
Mike Johnson
Becca Levine
Torian Miller
Nat Topping

Directed by Chris Othic
 This is a remount of sorts of the sold out show we did at Sketchfest this year. So, if you missed that, come see this! If you saw that, come see this! We added 20-30 minutes of new material and two new actors. Mike Johnson, an old friend of RvD's, is back playing with us and making his debut with us is Torian Miller. The show also features two pieces I wrote that I also regard as two of my favorites. There's Dolphin Encounter featuring Nat Topping as a disgruntled dolphin people pay to "swim" with and Boris vs. Nature featuring Mike as the husband of a small family having a stare down with a giraffe at the zoo. That piece first appeared in 365 Sketches and I re-wrote it for this show.

I'm very proud of this show and hope you check it out. Everyone is operating at the top of their game. This may just be our best show from the top-notch writing to the excellent comic acting to Chris's confident direction.