Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Museum of Science and Brainwashing

Yesterday, my brother Don and I spent the day at The Museum of Science and Industry. Some really cool stuff and some not really cool stuff. The cool stuff involved the Mold-O-Ramas! I'm holding my Mold-O-Rama submarine in the picture above.

Here's a close-up from a website devoted to the art that is Mold-O-Rama!

Here's a picture of a Mold-O-Rama Machine...

The machine says 25 cents, as they were back in the day. The machine at MSI looks just the same. The only advance in design and technology is in its ability to accept dollar bills and charge $1.50.

The Cool Stuff: The Coal Mine Tour, The Poop Happens Show, that thing with the big globe in the center of the room, The Smart Home Tour, The U-Boat Tour.

The Not-So-Cool Stuff: A section devoted to the farm industry that promoted factory farming - trying to make it seem quaint - and GMO's to children, overpriced and lame museum food, the crappy dinosaur movie at the Omnimax (I dozed off a few times) - come on folks, if you can't do CGI well, then why throw it up on a giant five-story screen.

Still, we had a great time. Gabe Garza is a good friend of mine who works there and, if you get the chance, seek him out for the U-Boat Tour. The man really throws himself into it and makes you feel like none of you may come out the boat alive - in a good way, not a psycho wielding a knife way.

We topped off the day by heading to Argyle Street and hitting Tank Noodles. My poor sheltered brother had never experienced such a place and is dying to go back. Tank rocks.

Today - The Shedd Aquarium!


Got an e-mail from Steve Delahoyde, the co-director and main man behind the project. The Breeders have put it up on their website in its fully intended glory. You have the ability to toggle between four different perspectives of the video. Pretty cool.


Yesterday, I asked...

"In order to raise awareness of HIV prevention in India, the charity organization BBC Word Service Trust recently introduced what?"

44% said "celebrity condom endorsements"
- Its effectiveness would depend on the celebrity. Angelina Jolie wants me to buy a condom? Be right back. Ann Coulter wants me to buy a condom? Let me grab a kitchen knife.

12% said "people dressed as condoms passing out condoms"
- Walking down an overcrowded, dirty street in India, that's the only way I'd dress.

No one bought "free condoms with Happy Meals"
- Seemed like a good idea to me. A gentle reminder to the parents what could have been.

44% got it right with "condom ringtones"

According to the AFP, a cellphone ringtone that chants "condom, condom!" has been launched in India to promote safe sex and tackle the growing HIV/AIDS epidemic.

The "condom a cappella" has been designed to break down Indians' reluctance to discuss condom use and to make wearing a condom more acceptable.

Probably not something you want to have go off on a first date. Or have your girlfriend find out that you have her sister's number assigned to it.

The ringtone itself is pretty funny, as it is intended to be. You can hear it HERE.