Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I Believe...

...that OJ Simpson might possibly be the most screwed over man in America, if not the world. He was proven innocent in a court of law. Period. Then got slammed with a 30 million dollar wrongful death suit. In an act of desperation and extreme stupidity, he tried to regain trinkets being sold because they once belonged to him. I feel sorry for this man. The murder of his ex-wife and her friend was brutal and horrifying, but OJ has been tarred, feathered, bankrupted and shamed for a crime no one has been able to prove he committed.

...that people are scared about the economy. The good news, if one can draw good news out of the current state of affairs, is that it has drawn massive amounts of attention to what is wrong in our country - a greedy corrupt healthcare system, failing infrastructure, crooked politicians, an insane and dangerous trade deficit, outsourcing, ailing auto companies, etc. The bottom line is that this is a great country and we do really care about one another and that, with strong leadership, is what will pull us through and put us on course.

...that the hubris of the House theater to equate a Chicago without them would make this city St. Louis is an insult to St. Louis and all the other theater companies in the Windy City. The theater scene in Chicago, as I see it, is vibrant, exciting, creative and downright huge. And I have never seen a House production or been to St. Louis.

...that Rod Blagojevich is a douchebag. I have always been in is corner and attributed talk about corruption to rumor mill fodder and disgruntled republicans trying to manufacture a way to bring him down. The evidence he tried to sell Obama's senate seat looks irrefutable. I feel burned. Here's a man that deserves to share a cell with OJ so OJ can feel better about himself. I wonder if I can sue Rod for my "wrongful vote" for him.

...that cheese is the whore of the food world. It will sit on top of anything along with anything. It won't give you an STD, but it will leave a knot in your colon the size of a small fist. Enjoy.


Yesterday, I asked...

"In a memo to all high-ranking officials, The White House issued talking points on how to refer to Bush's last eight years. It states, 'Above all, George W. Bush promised to...' what?"

37% said "do God's will."
- If this is true and Bush did do God's will, then God is dead. Or a real jerk.

36% said "keep America safe."
- And he has kept Americans safe from terrorists, just not from George W. Bush.

9% said "grow the economy and provide jobs."
- That plan hasn't worked out so well, not that George has noticed.

18% got it right with "uphold the honor and dignity of his office."

According to The Los Angeles Times, in case any Bush administration officials have trouble summing up the boss' record, the White House is providing a few helpful suggestions.

A two-page memo that has been sent to Cabinet members and other high-ranking officials offers a guide for discussing Bush's eight-year tenure during their public speeches.

The memo closes with a reference to Bush's 1999 memoir, "A Charge to Keep":

"Above all, George W. Bush promised to uphold the honor and the dignity of his office. And through all the challenges and trials of his time in office, that is a charge that our president has kept."

He has? George W. Bush has kept his promise to uphold the honor and the dignity of his office. How? By NOT getting blow jobs from an intern? I'd feel better about this guy if I knew he was getting a little something-something and not pointing his boner towards Iraq.