Thursday, February 12, 2009

Week Four, Day Twenty-Five -"NPR, Part I"

“NPR, Part I”
Written by Joe Janes
25 of 365

Akmed Glasheed
Ira Glass

(This is an audio piece designed to be heard between live action scenes.)

In these tough economic times, organizations that rely heavily on charitable contributions are struggling to make ends meet. This has forced them to become more aggressive in their solicitation of funds. Organizations like National Public Radio…

AKMED (over instrumental middle eastern music)
……Coming up, we’ll be talking to Abdul Hafiz Mansoor, a thirteen-year-old Afghan boy who wants to kill all infidel Americans so he can go to heaven…and we’ll give him a few suggestions from experts on the best ways he can do that…I’m Akmed Glasheed. You’re listening to This Taliban Life.

(Middle Eastern music fades, light jazz comes in)

Does the thought of a show like that scare you? It should…It could happen… Hello…I’m radio’s Ira Glass. You know me from my show, This American Life. Since 9/11, this American life, the one we all live, has been under attack by devious forces. These are the kinds of soulless evildoers who wouldn’t think twice about hijacking a commercial jet airliner and flying it into our weekly program. What can you do to protect our airwaves? To preserve the freedom you have to tune in to me? Give generously to this NPR station. Donate now, before it’s too late. Put $911 on your credit card in the next hour, and I will come to your door and kiss you on the mouth. It’s that important… I’m Ira Glass.


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