Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Sketch Zero

My friends at Robot vs. Dinosaur are doing their part of 365 tonight. Back in January, at the end of the 365 writing process, they presented me with this...

I Believe...

...that as much as I mock Facebook, it was very useful in letting people know about my mother passing at a time when I had a lot going on. The outpouring of wall posts and personal messages was overwhelming, in a good way. I was especially touched by the people who have lost a parent who reached out with their empathetic support.

...that just having a good cry does wonders and feels much better than fighting having a good cry.

...that the magnitude of presenting 365 Sketches didn't fully hit me until we actually started doing it. The best reward has been seeing so many people have so much fun because of some stuff I wrote. What's also been great is that we chose the right directors who chose the right actors. Everyone has been exceptional to work with and from the very first tech, it has gone very smoothly. No divas. Except Don Hall.

...that even bald guys can get bad haircuts. You get what you pay for. On the other side, no reason for a bald guy to pay too much. There's not even material for the stylist to work with to justify it, even if you do offer me a latte.

...that success comes from taking risks and painting oneself in corners. Want to do a (fill-in-the-blank)-a-day for a year? Talk to a lot of people about doing it, gather a support system, do it publicly, and have not doing be more painful than doing it. And don't complain about it because you're doing exactly what you said you'd do.