Monday, September 15, 2008

The BS News Quiz of the Day

On Friday, I asked...

"Authorities in Nevada raided several homes across the state recently and seized nearly 200 illegal what?"

8% said "aliens"
- Nope. All the restaurants and hotels would come to a stand still, if they did.

8% said "marijuana plants"
- "No, man. It's hemp. I make my own pants."

No one said "prostitutes"

84% got it right with "frogs"

According to The Associated Press, authorities seized scores of illegal African clawed frogs from Nevada residents saying they have traced the creatures — banned because of their potential for ecological damage — to a company that sells tadpoles over the Internet.

It turns out the tadpoles from Florida-based Grow-a-Frog — which markets them as an educational tool — are illegal in Nevada and at least 10 other U.S. states, authorities said.

Agents seized 119 of the frogs from three Reno homes last month and publicized the raids to get the word out they're illegal. Inundated with calls, they recovered another 68 this week in seven Nevada counties.

Florida-based Grow-a-Frog called the shipments to Nevada a mistake and agreed to pay a $3,600 fine and stop sending the unwelcome guests, said Capt. Cameron Waithman, the Nevada Department of Wildlife warden who led the months-long investigation.

Banned as an illegal invasive species, the creatures live mostly in the water and grow as large as bullfrogs. They can destroy ecosystems if they escape by voraciously eating native fish, Waithman said.

...And the fine is only $3,600 and a promise not to do it again? Are they the Haliburton of science education? That's barely a slap on the webbing for nearly destroying an ecosystem.

This is what their ad looks like...

They should consider changing it to this...