Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I Believe...

...that I tend to avoid major events in the city because I hate dealing with crowds (read: idiots), especially in the heat. However, if you can pocket yourself in with a cool group of friends, fireworks along the lake are worth it and you have someone with whom to mock the boneheads.

...that not returning e-mails and phone calls isn't a gender thing.

...that I can buy hot dog eating as a sport. One must train and prepare. You can't just show up and expect to wolf down 60+ wieners in ten minutes. Hunting, fishing and bull fighting are not sports. When your opponent is an unwilling participant, it's not a sport. It's a gladiator event. Or a date.

...that, I get it, you made fireworks all by yourself or you took a trip to Indiana and bought some from Three-fingered Larry. Leave it to the professionals. They do it better and will save you an annual visit to the emergency room.

...that I love farmer's markets, but I really think the "farmers" should stick with food that was, at least, homemade and somewhat healthy. Candles, jewelry, artwork, take a hike. It's a farmer's market, not a flea market.

(In case you didn't know, my Wednesday "I Believe's" are always in response to my friend, Don Hall's, "I Believe's". Check them out by clicking HERE.)