Sunday, May 31, 2009

Week 19, Day 133 - “Chekhov In The Trailer Park”

“Chekhov In The Trailer Park”
Written by Joe Janes
133 of 365

Masha Sue, 30s
Sasha Bob, 50s
Boris, 40s
Lilla, 20s

(Lights up on Lilla and Masha Sue sitting on a beat up couch in the yard in front of their run down shack. Next to them is Uncle Sasha, in a lawn chair, with a large bowl of potato chips in his lap. They watch a small portable TV on a milk crate. They all look solemn.)

Some day, sister, we will win the lottery and move to Toledo. We will live in a doublewide, wear new clothes made of real acrylic, own an automobile that no one sleeps in, and dine in restaurants where they bring the salad to you… Lemon Pledge…

I love Lucy. She is unaware I live for her and less than ten feet away. My heart rips with desire and doom. My love is a thunderstorm I can never unleash to her – or to another. And you, Ricky, I throw daggers of hate at you. You are unworthy. If I was a singer and I had a nightclub, my wife would be the star of my show every night… you pig. Oh, Lucy. I pain. I tried to hold you and tore the aluminum foil from the rabbit ears. The static electricity of your kiss tickles my moustache and makes me sneeze. (He sneezes) Your flesh is cool, hard and dusty… Lemon Pledge. Oh… I am going to kill myself.

(Sasha Bob plunges his face into the bowl of potato chips as if to drown himself.)

We will be courted by handsome men of honor and wealth in Toledo. Sister, we could marry. Hold my hand, Lilla. Hold my hand.

(They do not hold hands or make a move to hold hands. Boris, in worn army fatigues, bursts through the shack door.)

Uncle Sasha Bob is dead!

(Sasha raises his head.)

No. I’m not. I’m right here.


(Boris returns to the shack.)

Their lips move and I do not hear what they speak. Not since… Not since the fire… Not since… They seem cloudy. Lemon Pledge.

(Lights fade)