Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Not For Sissies


Yesterday, I asked...

"An auction of works by artist Pietro Psaier has been postponed over claims he may be what?"

50% said "a four year old"
- These days, that's just a quirky asset that jacks up the price of the artwork.

34% said "Stephen King"
- They figured it out because the paintings are much larger than they need to be, recycle subjects of previous paintings and tend to ramble.

No one said "muslim"

16% got it right with "made up"

According to The Telegraph, works by Pietro Psaier have appeared at sales all over the world, including several held by Christie's, Sotheby's and Bonhams, attracting prices of up to £14,000.

They were given added kudos by the claim that Psaier worked in Warhol's studio, the Factory, and that the pair were friends who collaborated on several pieces.

However, officials at the Andy Warhol Foundation have come forward to say they have never heard of Psaier, and suggested that the whole relationship may have been a hoax.

The auctioneer John Nicholson, of Fernhurst, Surrey, the leading Psaier dealer, is trying to prove his existence and has even hired a researcher. In the meantime, he has been forced to delay the latest sale of Psaier's work.

...This is awesome. This Psaier guy is like the Forest Gump of the art world. He even apparently died in the famous tsunami in Sri Lanka in 2004. This is an amazing and ugly facet of art. There are many brilliant painters out there who will never be more than a faint blip on the radar. Someone tells someone who tells someone that this guy knew Warhol and that Warhol may even have collaborated with him and people go nuts. I'm going to start spreading the rumor that Mamet helps me write my plays.

Here's Psaier's "Not For Sissies." It's nothing special. Some fun pop that "samples" DC artwork. But if Warhol really did look over his shoulder and suggested the shade of red for Superman's shorts, add $10k to the price tag.