Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Nod is Coming

Don's doing the press for this, so I'm probably jumping the gun and talking out of school. Consider this a super sneak preview tip. And even though I'm the source, I refuse to confirm or deny what I am about to tell you.

On Wednesday, September 19th, come see The Nod.

Don Hall and I are putting together an evening of bloggers reading their material for an audience. One thing I noticed about my venture into the blog world, inspired by Don, is that I tend to write in my own voice. Literally. Generating the material reminds me of my days doing stand-up. I often read my posts out loud before publishing them. One of the reasons I enjoy Don's posts so much is because I can hear his voice in my head when I read his diatribes (and tritribes and quadtribes). Seemed like a pretty natural step to put together a live performance.

Joining us will be fellow RoboWriter Nat Topping, Neo-Futurist Dave Awl and perhaps one more special guest. The evening will be in two parts with the four (or five) of us taking up the second half. We'll be doing some type of free-form existential tag team reading from all our blogs. One of us will kick off the portion of our show with a post of their choice and then the rest of us, in no particular order, will read posts that expand or connect to the initial topic. Or takes everything in a whole new direction. We've never done anything like this before, so who knows how it will go? Nat, Dave and Don are all very funny and very smart, so I have no doubt about the evening being entertaining and thought provoking.

The first half of the evening is open to you. If you have a blog. People are invited to sign-up in advance and then come to the evening and read two or three posts they have published. This part is sort of an open mic for bloggers. You do need to be confirmed in advance, though. To do that, send us an e-mail at

The Nod with Don Hall and Joe Janes will be at the Uptown Writer's Space, 4802 North Broadway on Wednesday, September 19th at 8pm. Free snackies and drinkies. $5 donation requested. if all goes well, we'll do this once a month at various venues around the city.

To check out a preview of the featured bloggers check out The Nod website.


Speaking of RoboWriters, it's Thursday! That means RoboWriters night. If you have a sketch you are working on, bring it in. We meet at 6:30pm also at the Uptown Writer's Space at Lawrence and Broadway. $5.!

If you read Cracked as a kid, you know it as a poor man's MAD Magazine. They have completely re-invented themselves. Check out their website. Sure, there's juvenile scatological comics (Winnie the Pooh in Deadwood is one), but they also have some interesting articles. I was shocked to see how much I agreed with this one, Five Great Comedians Who Have Lost It.


Yesterday, I asked...

"Winnie Langley celebrated her 100th birthday by doing what?"

38% answered "Eating a pound of bacon"
- No, but doing that would keep her salty and well-preserved.

25% said she was "Stripping down to a g-string"
- Yeah, but they made her stop when her pasties scraped the floor. I mean, no.

No one thought it was "Drinking a shot of tequila"
- What's the order? Salt. Shot. Metamucil. No.

The almost number one answer is also the correct one, 37% said "Smoking a cigarette"

According to the Daily Mail, Winnie not only lit up off one of her birthday cake candles, it was also her 170,000th so called "coffin nail." She's became a smoker when WWI broke out and she was seven. She has smoked five cigs a day ever since. She says smoking helped calm her nerves during the world wars. I think I hear Phillip Morris getting an erection.