Friday, May 23, 2008

Witchcraft. Crazy, Crazy Witchcraft

Yesterday, I asked...

"A rampaging mob in western Kenya burned 15 women to death for what?"

20% said "Infidelity"
- Cheaters should steal this idea. I might watch it, then.

60% said "Arrogance"
- Sheesh. Torch me, now.

Nobody said "Puberty"
- Fortunately, their menstruation's doused the flames.

20% got it right with "Witchcraft"

According to AFP, a rampaging mob in western Kenya burnt 15 women accused of witchcraft to death, a local official and villagers told AFP Wednesday. The region, populated mainly by the Kisii tribe, has been dubbed Kenya's "sorcery belt" due to mob attacks on women suspected of witchcraft. Several cases were also reported in recent months in neighboring Tanzania, forcing President Jakaya Kikwete to order special protection for albino, who were being murdered and mutilated for good luck by with-doctors.

Murdering and mutilating albinos for good luck? A lot of rabbits are having a good laugh about that.