Sunday, April 22, 2007

Baby Steps

This is my first post. I haven't told anyone about my blog yet. I'm still trying to find my bloggy sea legs and my bloggy sea voice. The main focus of my life is Chicago theater. Particularly, the development of sketch comedy material through writing and improvisation. I teach writing and improvisation at Columbia College and The Second City. I staged my first sketch revue in the fourth grade. At this moment, I am directing a group called OLD in their second sketch revue, two Second City Training Center Writing 5 shows, and a group at Columbia called Savage Breast as part of a class called Comedy Workshop. I am writing material for the next WNEP dada show called Blind Donkey Hopscotch. I am prepping the launch of a Thursday night writing group called RoboWriters as a part of a theater company in New York called Robot vs Dinosaur. Soon, I will be participating in a 24-Hour Play project at Columbia as an actor. I am also in classes at Columbia finishing the degree I started back in 1980. The classes are Contemporary European Nationalism and Ethnic Conflict (it has rocked my world) and The Biology of Human Sexuality (it has not rocked my world).

This blog will mostly focus on my experiences in developing works for the stage. Hopefully, sharing what I've learned
through my failures and victories and helping others improve their work.

Your comments, questions and suggestion are welcome.