Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Well - still pounding away on a corporate gig - recording voice-overs, doing rewrites, scrapping ideas and pulling new ones out of my butt - all while maintaining my teaching schedule. Makes for very long days. I am also seeing if I can make it through the work week without wearing jeans. I am very jeans dependent. And I only have two pair that I rely on. It's really not fair to the jeans. They deserve the break.


Yesterday, I asked...

"A group of third graders in Waycross, Georgia have been suspended because of their plot to do what?"

66% said "Protest the Iraq war"
- Yah. They are worried it will still be going on when they are senior citizens.

No one went with "Swap downloaded music" or "Start a prostitution ring"

34% got it right with "Kill their teacher"

According to First Coast News, nine third grade students suspended at Center Elementary in Waycross for an alleged plot to attack their teacher. "This plot was uncovered at the point that something dangerous was brought to the school," says Lt. Dwayne Caswell with Waycross Police. Police say the students were hatching a plan to harm their teacher Friday morning. They even brought items from home to carry out the plan.

Okay, it would be real easy to rail on about violence on TV and in video games and how these kids minds are being poisoned and their parents are lousy, etc, etc, etc. But there's one side of the story that's still missing. How much of an asshole does a teacher have to be to piss off a group of third graders?... to the point of premeditating murder?

Who was their teacher? This guy?