Saturday, April 25, 2009

Week 14, Day 97 - “Walter Goldstein, Angry Hip-Hop Poet”

“Walter Goldstein, Angry Hip-Hop Poet”
Written by Joe Janes
97 of 365

Jenny, 20s
Walter, 20s

(Lights up on Jenny, dark clothes and glasses, at a microphone.)

Welcome, everyone, to the Surge for Global Peace. Thanks for coming out and fighting for the end of violence on our planet. In the back, my mom made falafels. Hi, Mom. Help yourself, but please only take one until we know if we have enough for everyone to have two. We have lots of performers and lecturers here today. First up, is a well-known hip hop poet, and my boyfriend, please put your hands together, for Walter Goldstein!

(Walter comes on stage. He is a white guy with white guy dreadlocks and he looks angry. He and Jenny kiss passionately. She exits. Walter grabs the microphone from the stand.)

WALTER (still angry)
What’s up, SGP? I am Walter Goldstein, hip-hop poet. And I come with a message of both peace and love. Here is a poem I wrote just for this event. It’s called “Message of Both Peace and Love.”

Welcome y’all to the Surge for Global Peace,
Roll up your world sleeves, give some elbow grease,
Time for us to start use some violence,
Show these idjits that they are just real dense,
Fighting for peace with my army of love,
My bombs ‘splode with the shrapnel of a dove.
The piece I carry is a piece of peace,
Shoot slugs of friendship into your face…feece
I don’t do drugs for I am high on life,
Get me to rehab, I’m high as a kite.
Won’t stop fighting till there’s tranquility,
Fists of peace pummel possibility,
High speed Peace Trains are coming down the tracks,
Splitting cows of war just like it was an ax,

Who wants hamburger?

I love you, daddy.

Peace in.

(He drops the mic and exits. Blackout.)