Thursday, May 22, 2008


Various tidbits of this and that....

This from the folks at Schadenfreude

Gallery Cabaret

Saturday May 24

We wind down our PBR tour by coming back where we started. The Gallery is our home away from home and we are glad to be back in our building. We are not approaching this as a wind-down though, if anything this is our grand finale. We will use the services of Mike and Duane once again, but we will bring our friends Don Hall and Joe Janes in to kick you in the teeth. Did we mention the return of Jill Benjamin? She’s in the house. What’s a rent party show without our favorite stand-up in the land Robert Buscemi? And Bertha Mason comes by to bake some pies for the crowd and Gall Cab owner Kenny is going to take his shirt off.

2020 North Oakley. 9pm. $10. Free food.

Don and I will be doing our patented litany of "I Believes..." Don has written a slew of new ones and I will be dusting off some golden oldies. At least one of us will end up either naked or bleeding or both.


It's Memorial Day weekend, so go drink some beer and remember. I will be celebrating by being featured in a music video by The Breeders. We're shooting all day. The song is the funky "Walk It Off" from Mountain Battles.


Michael Brownlee posted this on his blog the other day and it made me laugh out loud and spit some things out of my mouth that I wasn't even aware was in there.


Yesterday, I asked...

"To show the effects of the deforestation of rain forests in a public service announcement, Harrison Ford does what?"

25% said "Plays Indiana Jones in concrete jungle"
- That's the next sequel, Indiana Jones and the Last Parking Space.

13% said "Plays a blade runner trying to find real trees"
- And then we find out that he's really a tree himself!

No one bit "Plays Han Solo on a barren Ewok planet"

62% said "Has his chest waxed"

According to The Associated Press, Harrison Ford pulled a Steve Carell for a public service announcement: He gets his chest waxed. The 65-year-old star winces in apparent pain as a strip of hair is yanked from between his pecs for a PSA for Conservation International to raise awareness about the effect of deforestation on global warming.

Not sure if it really gets the point across, but I appreciate him lending the weight of his celebrity to the cause.

I would have liked it more if he had screamed "Kelly Clarkson!"