Friday, February 20, 2009

Week Five, Day Thirty-Three - "Seuss Club"

“Seuss Club”
Written by Joe Janes
33 of 365

Ed Norton
Brad Pitt
Helena Bonham Carter

(Lights up on Ed Norton wearing a disheveled suit and tie. He sits in a chair center stage and has a black eye. Stage left is a flamboyantly dressed Brad Pitt and a punky looking Helena Bonham Carter making out. Ed Norton holds a handgun. On the end of the gun is a small pink puff.)

The first rule of Seuss Club is - you do not talk about Whoville. The second rule of Seuss Club is - you DO NOT talk about Whoville.

(He sticks the puffy pink end of the gun in his mouth. Lights fade. If there is a video screen, the following graphic should appear, very simply, white lettering on black background, “Ed Norton Hears a Who” then underneath “coming this summer”. If there is no video screen, revealing a title card is fine. This should be silent. THERE SHOULD BE NO VOICE-OVER.)