Wednesday, June 6, 2007

It's Official - I'm One of Them

After doing this for a month, I'm becoming aware of this whole sub-culture that is known as "bloggers."

I got tagged by Don Hall yesterday with a meme started by Laura Axelrod. My first question was, 'What the hell is a meme?"

Being that it's an internet thing, I looked it up on the web. The most surprising thing I learned is that it is NOT pronounced mee-mee. It is pronounced meem. It has to do with a blogger seeing a list of questions somewhere else and deciding to answer them for him or herself. And then someone else sees them, does the same, and so forth and so forth. It's like you and your girlfriends all doing the same sex quiz in Cosmo. In this case, the meme isn't just voluntarily picked up - or ripped off - it's hurled at someone else. Some say like a game of tag, but it's really more like a blog chain letter. Remember those?

Well, when in Rome...

Bloggers must post these rules and provide eight random facts about themselves.

In the post, the tagged blogger tags eight other bloggers and notify them that they have been tagged.

ITEM #1:
I did my first sketch revue, that I wrote, directed and performed in, for my fourth grade class at Lacarne Elementary School. The first joke I ever wrote was in a fake newscast. "Rain has been spotted in Lacarne and now it is raining ink." Genius! My two main sources of inspiration for this was listening to Stan Freberg presents The United States of America and watching Hee-Haw.

ITEM #2:
I am the only person in my immediate family who has never been married. Everyone in my immediate family has gone through at least one marriage and one divorce.

ITEM #3:
In my stand-up days, Dennis Miller once bought me brunch at a Bob Evans in Michigan. Paula Poundstone and I took a backstage tour of the Cleveland Zoo. I once went to an adult bookstore with Bill Hicks to buy porn (girl-on-girl was his fav). Brad Garrett told me I was a tough act to follow (he was full of shit). I have opened for Leon Redbone and for The Monkees.

ITEM #4:
I got a lot of bloody noses when I was a kid and wet to bed until I was fourteen. I was not someone you wanted at a sleepover.

ITEM #5:
My senior year in high school, I was president of the student council and editor-in-chief of the school yearbook. My grade point average was a stellar 2.2. Suck on that, George W.!

ITEM #6:
From 1999 to 2001, I was a spokesperson for the Nebraska Lottery as a character named "Fate." They even made life-size cutouts of me for in-store promotions. The ad campaign was pretty funny and won several awards.

ITEM #7:
My fantasy job is being a late-night horror movie host, like The Ghoul.

ITEM #8:
I have all the DVDs from Superman: The Animated Series and am working on Batman: The Animated Series, Batman Beyond, Justice League and Justice League: Unlimited.

There you go.

The bloggers that I tag are: Pete Ficht, Paul Custodio, Erica Reid, Tony Rielage, Hanna LoPatin, Fuzzy Gerdes, Noah Ginex, and Rebecca Rine-Stone.