Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I Believe...


- That cartoons are not to be taken seriously. The New Yorker cover of Barack and Michelle Obama could easily have graced the front of MAD Magazine. Except MAD's would have been funnier.

- I don't put one medium over another for an enjoyable experience. I love radio and film as much as I love theater and television. But as an artist, there's nothing that beats watching and hearing a live audience laughing and responding in the moment to a work you helped create.

- Forget about smoking bans. Is their some way we can make people take showers and brush their teeth? C'mon people. It's summer. Things are getting a little ripe around here.


We did our second preview last night. This cast is amazing. Hard working, creative and putting everything they have into this production. That includes Jen, our fearless and tireless director, and Diana, our stage manager. John Wilson and Sarah Gorsky designed our set and lights, respectively, and have truly transformed that tiny theater space into some kind of traveling medicine show. As the playwright, its very humbling to see so many people forge their creativity for something you wrote. The massive investment of hard work and money also makes you pray really hard that it doesn't suck.

Don has some great pics up on his blog.

Here I am as Dada Baden Baden about to thwack Sigmund Freud (Dennis Newport) on the noggin' with a brilliant "cake" as he chats with Dr. Cartlon Twist (Michael Brownlee).

Tonight is our last preview. Your last chance to see the show for only $5. 8pm. A Red Orchid. 1531 North Wells.


Yesterday, I asked...

"Because of his use of a fake mustache for a disguise, a Chicago bank robber has been dubbed what?"

36% said "Frito Bandito"
- Aye-yi-yi, no!

18% said "Hitler Bandit"
- Man, that dude has just totally ruined that look for everyone.

9% said "Snidely Whiplash"
-That's only when he robs banks in Canada.

37% got it right with "Groucho Bandit"

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, he dons a fake rectangular mustache for bank robberies -- dubbed the "Groucho Bandit" after the 20th century comedian -- and is believed to be responsible for at least nine holdups at North Side banks in the last six weeks. He not only announces he's robbing the place, but also claims to be armed and threatens to hurt employees if his demands aren't met.

There are "oral demands for money, but no imitations of the great comedian," said Ross Rice, spokesman for the FBI office in Chicago.

Clearly this guy needs to work on his schtick. Seems like he's starting to bring in some cash, so I think he should hire a writer.

GB: Pardon me, but this is a stick-up.
TELLER: I don't-a see-a no stick.
GB: You've got a good point there, you do. The only thing keeping that hair in place. How about this then... this is a hold-up?
TELLER: It is a hold-up.
GB: Glad to see we're on the same page here.
TELLER: Yes, you-a hold-a-up-a this line.

Needs work. We'll polish it on the road.