Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Week 52, Day 359 - "Pigeon"


Written by Joe Janes


359 of 365


Frank, 30s

Tom, 70s

Cop, 40s

Four homeless people, various ages

Four elderly people, 70s

(Lights up on a park bench. We hear the sound of pigeons cooing. Frank, a homeless man, is sifting through a garbage can. Tom, an elderly man, enters with a paper bag and sits down. Frank sees him and holds out his hand. Tom shrugs as if to say he has nothing. Tom sits on the bench and starts feeding the pigeons bread crumbs from the bag. Frank notices this. A cop enters.)


Sir, please don’t feed the pigeons.




Pigeons are known to carry disease and their droppings are both noxious and unsightly. If you feed them, more of them will show up and we will have more pigeons than this park can handle.

(Tom nods and folds the paper bag closed. The pigeon sounds fade. The cop exits.)


Hey, Mister. Can you help a guy out?

(Tom thinks for a moment and starts throwing breadcrumbs at Frank, who catches them in his mouth. Four other homeless people appear from various directions and starts begging for crumbs. Tom obliges them. The cop re-enters.)



(Tom folds the bag closed. The homeless people all sulk away. The cop is satisfied and exits. Tom sits looking lonely. He opens the bag and nibbles on a crouton. Suddenly, four other elderly people appear out of nowhere, all dressed similarly to Tom.)

COP (offstage)