Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Please Let This Be True...

From James Howard Kunstler via my brother...

Right after this picture, Vice-President Gidget shot a moose and put it on a barbecue spit for everyone to enjoy. Then they went surfing in the Bering Sea and shot whales who were considering abortions.

On closer inspection, the photo looks like it might be fake. Something about that neck.

Thank you, oh, great Internet's search tubes. Sadly, it is a fake.

Celebglitz found the original.

Alas, a boy can still dream.


Yesterday, I asked...

" Science writer Kate McAlpine explains the qualities of the Large Hadron Collider - a particle accelerator - via what medium?"

50% said "the world's largest home-made diorama"
- Made from the Old Lady Who Lived In A Shoe's shoe box. And a lot of cotton balls and glue.

10% said "pop-up book"
- Pull on this tab to watch the earth crack in two.

10% said "pie chart made with real pie"
- Mmmmm. Photons made of lemon merenge.

30% got it right with "rap song"

According to The Lansing State Journal, "Rap and physics are culturally miles apart," said McAlpine, a 23-year-old Michigan State University graduate and a science writer at CERN, in an e-mail last week, "and I find it amusing to try and throw them together."

McAlpine wrote the lyrics on her 40-minute commutes by public transit from Geneva, convinced a friend to lay down beats and finagled permission to film herself and friends dancing in the underground caverns and tunnels where the experiments will take place.

It's become a bit of a hit on YouTube and physicists seem to really enjoy it. Very white physicists.

Rap IS dead!