Friday, December 12, 2008

Busy Friday


My I Believe... post Wednesday about OJ spurred a few unexpected heated comments - on the blog and off the blog. I find it unlikely that he is guilty of double-murder, but don't know for sure. I do know that in a court of law, he was declared innocent. And if our court system is to have any meaning, I contend that the verdict needs to be respected.

There's a very good break down of the case done by the deputy district attorney of Los Angeles. He was not involved in the prosecution of the case, but has some very insightful things to say. And, by the way, he thinks O.J. is guilty. Read it HERE.


Sigh. Rest in peace. Know that you will live forever in the dreams of young men and old geezers all around the world.


Yesterday, I asked...

"Pencil drawings of a secret weapon Nazis were working on in the final days of WWII are for sale. The weapon was called the what?"

44% said "Good Night"
- Sweet dreams...BOOM!

22% said "Deadly Sausage"
- Just add sauerkraut.

12% said "The Ark of the Covenant"
- We all know how that turned out.

22% got it right with "Silent Dart"

According to The Daily Mail, with deadly accuracy and at speeds of up to 700mph, it could have pinpointed Nazi targets and wreaked havoc on Britain.

At least, that is what German scientists believed as they plotted this weapon of terror.

Hitler became increasingly desperate for a way to thwart his enemies at the end of the Second World War.

And so the Nazis dreamed up the Silent Dart.

The glider would be released from a larger aircraft. Guided by a Luftwaffe pilot inside, the dart would dive towards the ground carrying its 1,000kg bomb.

At the last moment, the pilot would release the bomb and inflate a huge balloon attached to the craft.

As the bomb hit its target, the balloon was supposed to whisk the glider far up above the danger area, so it could travel to safety.

The plans, which have come to light more than 60 years after their creation, may sound implausible - but pencil drawings of the dart found by the Allies in July 1945 show that for the Nazis, it may have seemed a real possibility.

So, essentially, the Nazis ran out of ideas and were working on the equivalent of a bird dropping an explosive poop.