Friday, June 1, 2007

Chai Day

ROBOWRITERS - Last night was, again, so much freakin' fun. The first group had three new people including Elena who saw it announced on Craig's List. She brought a children's poem that she wasn't sure if she should make into a book or a short play. It's an adorable premise about a little girl trying to teach her pets the alphabet. We felt it could work on stage, but was probably best suited for a book or DVD. There's a lot of fun characters that we recommended she flesh out and I'm going to try to get her in contact with an art major at Columbia College to animate a DVD of it.

((sidenote: I have a neighbor who's a lovely guy, but he sometimes plays his television too loud. When I started typing this, he was watching The Benny Hill Show. He has since turned it off and I can hear him whistling Yakety Sax. There's no court of law that would convict me for what I may do next...))

ROBOWRITER'S ASSIGNMENT - This is a genre exercise. Take an existing franchise in any medium – Pirates of the Caribbean, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Star Trek, The Dark Tower, etc – and write a scene that takes place in that world, but does not involve any of their main characters. The characters used should be either peripheral or completely created by you. The challenge is to use that world without calling it out specifically or depending on the audience’s familiarity with said world.

TOUGH WEEK? - Even though most everyone had Monday off, all the folks I know that do the 9-5 dance have had a rough week. Apparently from trying to pack five days worth of work into four.

Here's something very, very adorable for you to look at....

You can see more at Let's Be Friends.

If seeing adorable critters doesn't help you relieve stress, imagine that mouse about to chow down on that frog's eye.

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