Friday, April 4, 2008


I think titles for sketch comedy reviews are very important. You want something that will catch attention and express a little something about the show, even if it's just an attitude. Typically, they should be brief and easy to remember.

Some of my favorite titles from shows I've been associated with have been...

The Meek Shall Inherit the Earth (just as soon as we're done fucking it)
Silence of the Frogs
The Stink of Destiny
The Armageddon Radio Hour
eBay of Pigs
Better Living Through Denial and Regret
Nudity is the Best Medicine
Public Displays of Rejection
Separation of Church and Taste
There's No "I" in Improv
Anton Chekhov's Bastard Child
Conrad Brunst presents...Danse Macabre!


Hey - Robowriters is tomorrow! Saturday at 1pm. Gorilla Tango. 1919 North Milwaukee. $5. Come on by. Even if you want to just check it out.


Yesterday, I asked...

"When a judge in Lima, Ohio ran out of prospective jurors, he found more where?"

40% said "A nursing home"
- I think he might need people who aren't going to sleep, shout or die while on duty.

20% said "A local bar"
- This would work if he offered drink specials and complimentary peanuts.

10% said "The BMV"
- They went there, waited an hour to talk to someone, and then gave up.

30% got it right with "Wal-Mart"

According to The Lima News, Terry W. Hupp, 51, has been on trial this week accused of 13 charges — six counts of gross sexual imposition and seven counts of rape. It took two days just to seat a jury for the case. Twice in that span, Judge Richard Warren had to dispatch sheriff’s deputies to bring potential jurors to court because the court ran out of prospective jurors. Unsuspecting shoppers were served summonses to appear for jury duty while at Wal-Mart. I think the judge should consider being more efficient. Start holding court in sporting goods.