Monday, September 17, 2007

I Have No Feelings Either Way About Mondays

Recently, I was hired by the wonderfully creative people over at Fig Media to help script and direct the opening production of a corporate event. I did not sell my soul, but it is currently on loan and this week will be very heavy back-and-forth with the client as we finalize the details.

I guess what I am saying is, don't expect much from this week for content. I'll do my best, but for now, I will have to defer to the man.


Michael Brownlee has posted some great black and white photos of the show. You can check them out by clicking here.


Is this week! Wednesday night at 8pm at the Uptown Writer's Space. Lindsey Muscato has hopped on board. Check out her blog, Just Stay Calm, and our main website, The Nod with Don Hall and Joe Janes, for more info and links to all the bloggers.


On Saturday, I asked...

"Former recruit Peter J. Palka is suing the Chicago Police Department claiming they kicked him out of the academy because of what?"

34% picked "He has horrible manners."
- Yeah. You NEVER see Chicago cops with bad manners. It's like Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood around here. Um, no.

17% answered "He's too fat."
- This is the town where many cops sit in their cars like encased meats and make you do all the footwork when they pull you over. No. Very no.

16% thought "He has a history of physical violence."
- Actually, this might be a pre-requisite. So, no.

33% got it correct with "He's Polish and looks terrible."

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, Peter J. Palka is suing the Chicago Police Department claiming he was terminated from the Chicago Police Academy because he was Polish and "looked terrible." In the Chicago Police department's defense, it's not so much that he is Polish, per se. It's just that Palka held his gun pointed in the wrong direction. At himself.