Saturday, June 2, 2007

Saturday Morning Cartoons!

MOM UPDATE - The doctors have stabilized her blood sugar level and she's out of the hospital in Toledo and back in Port Clinton at The Edgewood Manor Nursing Center.

CLOSING - OLD's sketch comedy revue Sketch Khaki closes tonight. It's at 7:30pm at Donny's Skybox.

DROOPY - Man, I love this cartoon! Directed by the great Tex Avery, it's one of the first one's where I remember noticing self-referential humor (Droopy's comment about the TV and the second time Wolf changes his pants).

My brother reminded me of another cartoon host. He was out of Toledo on week day afternoons after school and his name was Johnny Ginger. I remember writing him fan letters and drawings of him with his sidekick, a crow named Blackie. Gee, didn't seem racist at the time...?