Friday, February 22, 2008


It looks like I won't be making it to Improvised Shakespeare tonight. If you haven't seen it, though, do. I think it's the best improv show in town.


Robowriters is starting to get some buzz. After almost a year, I made a flyer and this week, The Reader plugged us in their "Heads Up" comedy listings. I have intentionally kept RoboWriters to word-of-mouth and a few e-mail, message board campaigns because I didn't want the number of people attending to get out of control. That hasn't been a problem. We've had decent turnouts and definitely fun times, but we have never reached our cut off point. There's room for more, if that has ever been a concern for you attending.

The Reader plug should generate some interest, but I'm also a little concerned about a misconception. Here's the mention...

Joe Janes, a local comedian and playwright who's written for Saturday Night Live and teaches at Columbia College and Second City, is also the artistic director of Robot vs. Dinosaur, which has produced the weekly writing workshop RoboWriters since last May. (Scroll to the bottom of Janes's blog,, for an archive of homework assignments.) Writers of all levels of experience are welcome; space is limited to 15 and the first 10 are guaranteed a reading of their work and feedback. arrow 1-3 PM, Gorilla Tango Theatre, 1919 N. Milwaukee, 773-531-1792 or, $5. --Ryan Hubbard

Ryan rocks. He's a big supporter of sketch comedy and improv. Everything's accurate, but I don't tell people I've written for SNL. I tell people I wrote for Weekend Update. For two years, I wrote freelance for Weekend Update. For two years, whenever the show was in production, I faxed in at least five news items by 5pm on Friday afternoon. The first year I did it, there was around 30 of us freelancers. The second time, there was 60. Competition's pretty fierce among the SNL staff writers to get material on the air. Try being a faceless, nameless e-mail address where the only thing speaking up for you are the words on a piece of paper. Actually, maybe SNL should try doing that.


Tonight I will be making one of my rare appearances with the brilliant cast of The Improvised Shakespeare Company. 8pm. iO. The Del Close Theater.


"Impeach Bush Now" Google hits - 46,400

Tuesday, March 4th - get your voice heard by creating a worldwide Cyber Shout. Post on your blog, on message boards, comment sections, where ever you can, "Impeach Bush Now!"

Here's a page from Serendipty, chock full of articles about impeaching mssrs Bush and Cheney. Great resource.

The BS News Quiz of the Day

When the hell did I ask this? Last Friday?

"Jerry Keene of West Virginia was identified as the robber of a convenience store in spite of his attempt to disguise himself by doing what?"

27% said "Squinching up his face"
- And then he threatened to take the clerk's nose using nothing but his thumb and forefinger.

27% said "Pulling his turtleneck up over his head"
- Police then found him because he was the only man with a loosey turtleneck collar.

18% said "Covering his face with his hands"
- Which only works if you are trying to rob a two-year-old.

27% got it right with "Putting underwear on his head"

According to The Charleston Gazette, McDowell County sheriff's Chief Deputy Mark Shelton says Jerry Keene entered a convenience store, concealing his face with the underwear, allegedly showed a gun and demanded money. Shelton says witnesses identified the suspect, despite the disguise. Hopefully, Mr.Keene has learned his lesson. Switch from thongs to boxers.