Monday, September 10, 2007

Take Your Seat

Soiree Dada: Blinde Hesel Hopse opened this past weekend. It was a grueling week starting with previews last Tuesday all the way to Sunday's matinee. We had a lot of press turn out and we had decent audience turnout, especially for opening night. I think we'll get positive press, but more importantly, I think we'll get a lot of word-of-mouth and repeat business. In fact, just in our first weekend, there were several people who came to previews and returned to see it a second time. I think it's the kind of show you can see several times without getting bored. The experience of the show can very greatly simply by where changing where you sit.

Of course, you could say that about any show. Seeing Wicked from the fifth row is a very different experience than seeing it from the last row of the balcony. And the people seated around you affect your experience, sometimes positively, but most times negatively via chattiness, cellphones, coughing, eating, antsiness, late arrivals, etc. Those things might happen at our show, but they will be quickly dealt with and will become a part of the show. And because of the intimacy of our space, there is no hiding.

More importantly, each Dada has their own unique station and audience members have to play a game of chance to win a seat. These are, of course, Dada versions of games of chance. You may have to sing a lullaby, whack a picture with a hammer, or guess what Dada Mondo Yippeeeeeee is thinking about you right now. Party-poopers can just take a seat on or near the stage. But since each Dada interacts with their guests it's like getting your own show within the larger show. Come early so you can experience all eight of the games. A very unique theatrical experience that I haven't encountered anywhere.

(Photo of Dada Rusty Kluster's seats by Fuzzy Gerdes.)


On Saturday, I asked...

"At least five traffic accidents in Minnesota on the same street were caused by a truck spilling what?"

20% thought it was "Bananas"
- That would have been beautiful. Sorry, no.

No one thought it was "KY Jelly" or "Milk"
- The combination of which would make for a really disgusting yogurt.

80% knew their stuff and picked "Chicken Guts"

According to the Associated Press, a truck spilled a load of apparent chicken renderings last Thursday. The mess covered eight blocks and wound up on, or inside, many vehicles parked along the street. The slippery pavement caused at least four rear-end collisions between vehicles unable to stop at intersections. Police were trying to locate the truck on Friday. So, it's not so much "Why did the chicken cross the road?" as it is, "What happened to the truck that splattered his guts all over the place?"