Monday, March 31, 2008

Musical Influences

Well, I tried to post a new News Quiz on Friday and Blogger was just having none of that nonsense. I couldn't even get rid of the old one and ended up moving it to the bottom of the page. Any way, coming off a busy week and going into a busy week. The upside is that I got to spend all day Saturday shooting seven fake drive-in movie trailers for an event in a few weeks. We didn't get the budget we wanted, so we ended up taking the original scripts and just doing them on the flying - changing them and coming up with other ways to do them. It was a lot of fun. Here are the movie titles I wrote for the project: Star Truck, Who's Afraid of Virginia the Wolf, Drive Hard 2: Drive Harder, Rock 'n' Roll Trouble, Truckstop of the Dead, Chris (the male version of Christine) and Mother Trucker. Very silly and they look like they are turning out to be very funny. We might end up posting edited version - sans client references - to the Fig website.


I like Southwest Airlines. They tend to be very reliable and the people tend to be very friendly. Lately, though, it seems they are over selling all their flights. All the ones I have been on. While that can be very uncomfortable there can be advantages. On Friday afternoon in Raleigh, they asked for volunteers to step off my flight. You would get a voucher for the cost of the flight plus a hundred dollars. I took it. The next flight was a couple hours later. The Raleigh-Durham airport, by the way, while small, is a great airport. Everything is reasonably priced, the food is good and they have a spa. I killed an hour getting a facial (insert your own joke here) and a neck and shoulders massage. It was great and not very expensive. The best part is that I was able to give my voucher to Julie who bought a round-trip ticket to Orlando for only $30. It was worth sticking around for that.


WNEP Theater announces auditions for Metaluna and the Amazing Science of the Mind Revue, by Joe Janes and directed by Jen Ellison. Metaluna will be produced at A Red Orchid Theatre, July 17 - August 16. Auditions will take place April 19 & 20, 10am - 4pm at the Peter Jones Gallery ( 1806 W. Cuyler, 2nd Floor). Please prepare 2 minutes of anything: Magic tricks, cooking tips, personal stories, a monologue, etc. To schedule an audition time, please send an email to You may also schedule an audition by calling 773/552-3133 on April 8th, 12pm - 5pm (Calls at any other time will not be accepted.) Walk-ins are welcome, though we cannot guarantee a time for you.


Mr. Othic filled in for me on Saturday and came up with this assignment for generating material... Write a list of 10 songs that you either really loved or hated, then take three of those and let the title, the lyrics, or the music inspire them. Then write down 3 one-line comic premises for each song, then write a scene from one of those.