Saturday, December 15, 2007

Saturday Morning Cartoons!

Marine Boy (1968-1969)

More early japanime. I was going to run this last week, but the new Speed Racer trailer got me jazzed for some Mach 5 action. I was actually a much bigger fan of this one. And was thrilled to see it was in color. I only remember it being in black and white, which is apparently due to our television set at the time being behind the curve. Marine Boy was the mariner version of Astro Boy except for one thing, he had no super powers. Dude just dug the ocean. He had to chew on oxygum to breathe underwater. He also had friends who helped him out a lot - a hot topless mermaid girl with strategically flowing long hair and a white dolphin. I'm sure my little boy brain worked overtime to file away images of Marine Boy and Neptina riding on the back of their phallic friend Splasher. I liked it and I didn't know why.

Here are the opening credits. Hum along to the theme song!

Here is Part One of an episode called "The Ghost Ship."

You can see Part Two HERE and Part Three HERE.