Thursday, November 6, 2008

That "Now What?" Question

A lot of right wingers out there have been asking the liberal media and left wing bloggers, "Now what are you going to write about?"

They assume that now that Obama is president-elect, we have nothing left to bitch about.


I'll admit that Obama being elected has left me feeling hopeful and positive about our country. But I also remember feeling the same way when Clinton was elected . He had twelve "trickle down" years of Reagan and Bush I to clean up after. And I can remember the Republican machine doing whatever they could to stop him. Hillary's attempts at reforming healthcare became a fiasco. Senators fillabustered til they were blue in the face. There was sweet talk about bi-partisanship between November and January, but Newt Gingrich and Bob Dole had other plans. Their goal was to make the current Democratic administration look bad and prove to the country that we elected the wrong party. They almost succeeded. They jumped on everything the administration did and put it in as bad a light as possible. They hired Ken Starr to find dirt. He hung around long enough for Clinton to provide the dirt by turning the Oval Office into the Oral Office.

So, while Obama represents change, there's a cadre of Republicans who do not want change and will fight to keep things just the way they are. I think we'll still have stuff to bitch about.


Yesterday, I asked...

"According to a recent report in the journal BMC Biology, African antelopes demonstrate their sexual prowess by doing what?"

25% said "hooting at the females"
- I don't think that works for any species.

13% said "showing off their horns"
- "Hey, I think Phil is using a stick. That's just sad."

12% said "dating Madonna"
- They would, but they don't want to get stuck pretending to be interested in Kabbalah.

50% got it right with "clicking their knees"

According to BBC News, scientists from the Zoological Society of London and the University of Copenhagen recorded the sounds of eland bulls in Kenya, Africa.

Reporting in the journal BMC Biology, the researchers say that the depth of the sound correlates to body size.

The tactic signals the bulls' fighting potential, establishing mating rights.

The sound is thought to be made as a tendon in the animals' legs slips over one of the leg bones, and can be heard from hundreds of metres away.

"The tendon in this case behaves like a string being plucked, and the frequency of the sound from a string correlates negatively with both its length and diameter," said Jakob Bro-Jorgensen.

You know what they say, the bigger the tendon, the bigger the...tendon?

You can hear what is sounds like making your own clicking sound HERE.