Tuesday, August 26, 2008

McCain's Latest Attack Ad

There are a lot of people not getting any rest at the McCain camp. They are ready to pounce on any non-issue to go after Obama and keep the general public from thinking about important stuff, like economy, health care and war. Did you see how quickly they rolled out the "Hillary Snubbed" ad after Obama announced Biden as VP? Staggering. If only they put that much effort into making McCain a viable candidate.

Michelle Obama and her daughters looked absolutely adorable together. Expect the McCain camp to start rolling out a lot of photos of the McCain family to show just how strong his first and second marriages have been.

Here he is sharing a laugh with Satchel, his youngest son from his from his first marriage.


Yesterday, I asked...

"Police in Clifton, New Jersey arrested two men trying to stop drug dealers in their neighborhood. The men were what?"

34% said "driving a homemade batmobile"
- Sticking fins on your Honda does not a batmobile make.

25% said "carrying chain saws"
- The drawback to this plan is that it makes the drug dealers seem safer.

16% said "stoned out of their minds"
- They weren't trying to stop the drug dealers, just get better service.

25% got it right with "dressed like ninjas"

According to The Associated Press, police arrested two men dressed like ninjas and armed with Asian martial arts weapons who said they were delivering warning letters to drug dealers and users. Calling themselves "Shinobi warriors," the men carried knives, throwing stars, swords, nunchucks and a bow and arrows. The letters warned drug users and drug dealers that the "Shinobi will stop your cruel and sadistic intentions with justified yet, merciful force."

Merciful force? Throwing stars and swords know no mercy, my friend.

In the letter, the two men accused drug dealers and users of having "committed sin of passing impurity" to others and that the "wind guides us to those of impure heart and intent."

They're in New Jersey. That wind is guiding them to a landfill.