Thursday, October 4, 2007

It All Makes Sense, Now

Child Health Veto Will Be Election Issue

DAVID ESPO | October 3, 2007 11:04 PM EST | AP

WASHINGTON — President Bush cast a quiet veto Wednesday against an...expansion of children's health insurance. Bush vetoed the bill in private, absent the television cameras and other media coverage that normally attend even routine presidential actions. The measure called for adding an estimated 4 million mostly lower-income children to a program that currently covers 6.6 million.

You can read the full article by clicking HERE.

Of course, all the bleeding heart democrats are all up in arms about this.

People - we aren't looking at the big picture here.

It's all about saving the polar bears.

All the iceberg-hugging lefty liberals have had their hemp panties in a bunch for years over the polar bears' territory in the Arctic shrinking making food sources scarce. The polar bears are close to becoming endangered.

George W. Bush has a plan, America. Take all the sick children, all the feeble old people, all the infirm war vets and put them on an ice floe. The ice will melt, a little more rapidly than days of yore thanks to George's hefty build-up of greenhouse gasses, and all the polar bears get a free buffet filled with meatsicles.

Here's a picture of little Melissa, whose parents are too lazy to have insurance, getting ready to feed the polar bears. (Photo by Eddie Lawrence)


The Chicago Tribune reviewed us and dug the show. I like this quote...

A cross between the Mad Hatter's tea party and a performance art festival performed by feral children, the ensemble of white-faced tricksters slips the occasional shiv of social commentary in between the ribs of the audience.

Thursday through Friday at 7:30pm. Sunday at 3pm. Get more details by clicking HERE. $5.00 off this weekend at the box office to anyone who says: "Mayor Armitage Shanks has the World's Longest Nosehair."


Bring out your sketches! Get them read! Get quality feedback! Eat a delightful snack. Uptown Writer's Space, 4802 North Broadway, 6:30pm. A writing workshop for only $5!


Yesterday, I asked...

"A controversial Alabama judge resigned Monday after allegations surfaced that he removed inmates from jail and did what?"

72% said "Made them work around his house"
- No. How degrading. He has illegal immigrants for that sort of stuff.

10% picked "Baptized them"
- Nope. Although I'm sure the thought of holding their heads under water occurred to him.

9% also said "Took them to lunch"
- Now, wouldn't that be nice? Discuss rehabilitation over iced tea and Cobb salad? No.

Only 9% got the right answer "Spanked them"

According to WKRG news, resigning Judge Herman Thomas was charged with violating Alabama's canons of conduct for judges. The claims include removing inmates from Metro Jail and paddling them in a closet-type area near his courtroom. Judge Thomas was reportedly overheard in the closet saying "This is going to hurt me more than it hurts you. Or the people you mugged." No word on if he made the inmates get a switch from the yard first.