Thursday, September 20, 2007

Done Nodded


Last night was a ton of fun. I love it when I am in the presence of brilliant, funny people, who also happen to be really nice. Don and I got to the Uptown Writer's Space early. We went on a run (more like a brisk walk) to buy some red wine and a variety of snacks. We set up the space with folding chairs and we're ready to rock by 7pm. Laura, a volunteer at Uptown, came in and helped us out by greeting people.

It was a small conglomeration of bloggers and friends, but I am very satisfied with the flow and content of the show.

Lindsay Muscato opened the show reading from her blog, Lindsay Lives Here. She related humorous stories from her days as a teacher. My favorite had to do with a student writing the phrase "ass parade" on the chalkboard.

An anonymous author - sans puppets, by the way - read posts from her blog Life and Times of Big Calabaza. My favorite was her story about her experiences in a hip hop dance class and trying to bridge the gap between more experienced students and newbies. Although she did not deliver on her request to use puppets, I forgive her.

Greg Wendling of I'm So Tired read from his friend Madge's blog, Madge's Musings. We were even treated to a listen to a voice-mail explaining why she wasn't there. She was lost and was eating a sandwich she bought from a man on the street. I particularly enjoyed Madge's description of the funeral she would like to have when she dies. I, too, now want a pulley system installed so people could manipulate my head and see all sides of my nicely coiffed skull.

Keri Myslinksi of Moments of Coherency - and the only blogger on the bill with zero connection to any other blogger reading last night - read a funny piece giving tips to homeless people on how best to increase the possibility of receiving change and a surprisingly touching piece about the death of a bird that flew into a building.

Amy Guth of Big Mouth Indeed Strikes Again rounded out the first half and, hands down, read the funniest post of the evening. One simple sentence about a night in New Orleans.

"I just saw a drag queen with Down Syndrome."

I also blew my hosting duties by not plugging an upcoming event Amy is hosting. It's called The Fixx Reading Series at The Fixx Coffee Bar on Thursday, September 27th at 7:30pm.

The second half was the formal presentation of "The Nod." Dave Awl, Thea Lux, Nat Topping, Don and I all sat off to the side of the stage. Through a quick succession of "Rock, Paper, Scissors" we determined Dave would go first. He read a post about "inventing" iced tea. This led Nat to go up next and read his version of the history of coffee. Thea followed that up with an awkward encounter with a handsome Starbuck barrista. I followed it with a letter to George W. about getting out of Iraq and going to war with Canada. The connection was equating our addiction to oil with a coffee addiction. Don then followed that with a diatribe on "no smoking" regulations. So, that's how our half unfolded. We laid down connections like tracks for a train as the train was running. Some connections were direct, some were loose. I followed a piece Dave did about a book on Pearl Harbor with a piece I wrote about arguing with my girlfriend called Rules of Engagement.

Thea wrapped it all up with a hysterical piece about baby-sitting and cleaning up the pooh of "Little Buddha."

It was a great time and Don and I will do this again. Look for announcements about it in the coming weeks.


There is no Soiree Dada this evening due to a previously scheduled event at the Cultural Center. That means I'll be hooking up with my writer peeps at the Uptown Writer's Space at 6:30pm. Come join us. Bring a scene to read and get feedback or hang out and get inspired.


Yesterday, I asked...

"In Australia, a six year old boy is under investigation for running an after school club that featured what?"

46% tried to score with "American Rules Football"
- It would be an affront to their nation to try to bring sense to their national sport, the answer is "no" while you run laps around a round field trying to figure out how to score a point with your pigskin.

36% tried to musically score with "Rock and Roll"
- The youth tried to bring rock and roll to the small community, but the local fire and brimstone minister squashed him at every turn. Makes you want to run into an abandoned warehouse and dance with a kangaroo. Not!

No one thought the kids might be meeting over "Drugs"

18% scored, and I do mean scored, with "Sex"

According to the Melbourne newspaper The Age, the Education Department there has investigated claims a six-year-old student ran a "sex club," involving up to half a dozen 1st grade students. The department has admitted that the student exposed students to sexual conversations and proposed activities, but denied the existence of a "sex club" in spite of reports from parents whose children say otherwise. According to shadow education minister Martin Dixon, "The culture (in the department) seems to be one of hiding the problem instead of fixing the problem." There was a "gaping hole" in the regulations, which needed to be re-written.

After saying the words "gaping hole" he licked his lips, rubbed his hands like a praying mantis, and returned to reading his magazine,
Gaping Holes Quarterly.


Amy Guth said...

Joe to the Juhzz-anes! What a blast. I'd do it all again any time. Thank you! The things that plop outta your head are always so awesome.

dadalimbo said...

That is not the reason why there is no dadashow tonight, DADA Mondo Yippeeeeeee!

There is no dadashow tonight in remembrance of Pulcinella, who still owes me $1.56. She is quite well in Geneva.

Lori said...

Wow. Matt Wilkinson played on my rugby team 4 or 5 years ago. But only for a few weeks. Obviously not smart enough for rugby.

Joe Janes said...

Oh, my God, Lori. Is it the same guy?

Lori said...

I believe so.