Monday, December 10, 2007

Giuliani? Really?

Note: On top of my heavy writing schedule, my Comcast Internet service went down over the weekend and is still down. So, until the planets realign themselves, postings will be a little unpredictable.

I haven't commented much on the presidential candidates because I felt like the field was too big and they started way too early, worse than Walgreen's dragging out the Christmas merchandise right after Halloween. But now we have the primaries coming up and we're less than a year away from the 2008 presidential election.

One thing that has really bugged me about this crop of candidates is why anyone thinks Giuliani is a viable candidate. One thing I hear constantly is that "Well, we want someone who knows how to handle terrorists."

Let me be very, very clear here.


He knows how to clean up after them.

Even I found him to be a reassuring presence after 9/11, but 9/11 also happened on his watch. Yes, I do want a president who can keep a clear head in a crisis, but I also want a president who will keep us out of a crisis. His latest ad campaign using Iran as a background is disgusting. He's basically telling us, look, things are going to get worse, here are the bad guys, I'm here to help. If by help you mean clean up after they mess us up good, then, yeah. Stop using fear to sell your goods. I have had enough of that for the past seven years to last me a lifetime (which won't be much longer if another war-monger is elected).


Friday, I asked...

"A New York gourmet grocery got embarrassed when it was discovered they accidentally put a sign near a ham display that said what?"

11% said "Day Old"
- Ham can survive a nuclear blast. I don't think being a day old is much of a problem. Unless you meant the pig was a day old. Then its a delicacy.

11% said "We Got You, Babe!"
- Kill a talking pig if you have to, but don't go bragging about it.

No one said "Used"
- Yeah. Maybe a little dented or scratched is okay. But not used.

78% got it right with "Delicious for Hannukah"

According to Yahoo News, Balducci's grocery store in Greenwich Village has been forced to take down advertising after a customer noticed they were promoting ham as "Delicious for Hannukah" Jewish dietary laws prohibit the consumption of ham or any other product derived from pigs. The director of marketing, Jennifer Barton, issued an apology for the gaffe via the company website and promised that the company would be making changes to staff training. Changes like,learning to read?


wafelenbak said...

I am oddly relieved whenever I find you are having issues with ComCrap, because it always seems to coincide with the days mine is being flakey. I've had to reset my modem every hour or so the past three days.
At the same time, knowing it's not just me does not by any means make it any less annoying. >:|

Old Ned said...

Come on Joe, be reasonable! If a President as bad as George W can be re-elected out of fear, can we seriously expect that none of the candidates -- particularly republican candidates -- running this year would eschew the tactic?
Get real! It's time now to line up behind the scariest candidate of your choice! Support torture, the suspension of civil liberties, rendition . . . it's all good for you, right?

Joe Janes said...

W - yeah. It's good to know Comcast doesn't discriminate with who they dick around with technically.

N - You're right. Politics is like TV or film. If it works, do it to death and then do it some more. Get ready of GWIII - The Search for Reason.