Sunday, December 23, 2007

Happy Holidays!

Swinging through Indiana today to see Julie's parents and then on to Ohio tomorrow to see my mom and brothers. Instead of us trekking to a Chinese buffet on Christmas, Julie is going to cook my family a huge Thai dinner. We'll get back on Wednesday.

Robowriters is cancelled for Thursday, December 27th and will return after Sketchfest on January 17th.

Have a happy holiday, in spite of how screwed up the world is.

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Brett and Anthony said...

I'll have you know that I showed up last Thursday drunk (at 7:20) with from work with a liter of Baileys and a bottle of wine.

I am going to feel empty if I don't get some robo-play soon. The 17th seems so far away!

Don't change Joe! Don't you dare change over this holiday break, however please manage to have a very warm and reality-free family dinner, courtesy of Thai goodness.

Happy Holidays!