Tuesday, January 8, 2008


I don't really understand people who say they are in a a bad mood simply because of the weather. To me, it's just the weather and so what, it doesn't determine my spirits unless I was planning a picnic and it's a downpour. And even then, I'm likely to just go do something else.

Yesterday, it was 65 degrees in Chicago and I had a hitch in my stomach about it. I walked to the post office in a t-shirt and hoodie and found it to be too warm to have zipped up. All the local news programs were touting it as a fluff piece about how Chicagoans were getting a reprieve from the bitter cold we had just last week. They interviewed perky joggers in Lincoln Park who were delighted to be running in their shorts and wouldn't it be great if it were like this all the time, tee-hee! This isn't delightful. It's disturbing. By the end of the day, there were flash flood warnings, severe thunder storms and a tornado touched down in Havard, Illinois. A tornado in January?

George W. was in town touting his "No Child Left Behind" by visiting one of the schools that has trained their students to take tests. Now, I don't blame Dubya for global warming, but he sure hasn't done anything to turn it around or prevent it from getting worse. He spent his first term denying it even existed. I was hoping to hear a comment from him about Chicago winters. The kind where he can hop off Air Force One without a coat. Nope. No mention of it.

As a part of our show, Don and I did a segment about why we believe George should be impeached. We got some criticism for it because it was angry, hard-hitting and not very funny in comparison to the tone of the rest of the show. We meant it that way because we are serious about it. We don't want him cruising through his last year and out the door without being held accountable for his actions.

Tomorrow, I'll post my side of that segment with my unedited tirade.


Yesterday, I asked...

"Central Florida Fire Chief Richard Shirk could lose his job for e-mailing pictures he snapped of what?"

20% said "A cop eating donuts"
- Unless the cop is eating them out of another cop's ass, probably not that big a deal.

10% said "A fireman in the shower"
- Maybe he was doing it as an example of how to keep your engine clean.

No one thought it was "A house on fire"
- Now, if he was posing in front of it waving and smiling, that would be different.

70% got it right with "A topless crash victim"

According to Orlando's WKMG, Local 6, suspended Central Florida fire chief Richard Shirk could lose his job over e-mailed photos from a crash scene that included at least one image of a female victim's exposed breasts. Shirk snapped photos of the woman and then e-mailed them to surrounding fire departments. The woman later died from her injuries. Shirk admitted that he snapped the photos but said he never meant for them to be derogatory. I guess they were just supposed to be artistic.

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