Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Oh, The Audacity!

Well said, Paul.


Yesterday, I asked...

"A con artist in Pennsylvania is scamming McDonald's restaurants out of food by pretending to be what?"

40% said "A youth minister" - Blessed are the empty calories. 30% said "Ronald McDonald" - Anyone willing to fess up to being Ronald deserves a break today. 10% said "A food drive rep" - Feed the hungry...crap? 20% got it right with "A high school basketball coach" According to the Associated Press, police in three western Pennsylvania towns are looking for a man who pretends to be a basketball coach and scams McDonald's restaurants out of food and money using bad checks. Police say the man drives up in a school-type bus and enters the restaurants ordering about $50 of food for his "team." The man then pays with a $150 check that appears to be from a school district and takes his food and his change, in cash. Seems pretty elaborate for stealing just $100 and $50 in crappy burgers. This man's gifts are being entirely wasted. He should be in politics.

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