Thursday, April 3, 2008

I'd Rather Watch Paint Dry

Yesterday, my Comedy Workshop class did a preview of their show There Might Be Blood to a good-sized audience at Columbia. And in the afternoon, I had my Improv 1 class do a Henry - a stripped down longform that emphasizes scene structure. Both classes did really, really well. Both were filled with nice moments. I'm really proud of them and they are full of very talented people.


I feel like I'm being scanned by a scanner in a David Cronenberg movie when I watch...

- People talking about their emotions instead of feeling them and showing them.
- People talking at length about what they are doing or about what they are going to do.
- People forcing in jokes or plot rather than organically letting such things emerge.
- People on stage having a quiet conversation that I can't hear!
- People stopping the momentum of a scene to yack about minutia like what food they are going to order at the restaurant.

(And this isn't exclusive to people just starting out and discovering sketch comedy and improvisation. I see it at the other skit factories, too.)


Yesterday, I asked...

"Presidential hopeful John McCain's nickname in high school was what?"

28% said "McBrain"
- Only in the context that you might order his noggin from McDonald's. It does seem a little fried.

28% said "McPain"
- That would be his nickname for his arthritis.

14% said "McStain"
- Nope. He never would have made it this far in politics with a nickname like that.

30% got it right with "McNasty"

According to ABC News, John McCain is a punk. At least that's what the editors of his high school yearbook thought. McCain, who in addition to "Punk" was known as "McNasty" during his high school years. In his yearbook, the editors wrote "His magnetic personality has won for him many life-long friends," the yearbook continued, "but, as magnets must also repel, some have found him hard to get along with." Dude - they just called you a dick in your yearbook! It's in print! I love this biography tour! Where will they take him next? Vietnam to see what his captors wrote about him in their yearbook?

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