Tuesday, June 3, 2008

News Quiz

June is a bear of a month for my schedule, as Julie is more than willing to point out to me. Alas, it's all stuff I love to do. Four nights this week are devoted to Metaluna rehearsals, which are going great. It's interesting to hear them discuss their thoughts and opinions and feelings about parts of the script that, as the playwright, were created to just be complete nonsense. It's enriching the play a lot and I feel like I'm on a path of discovery along with them. And we're laughing a lot. I nearly stopped rehearsal for a full five minutes because I couldn't stop laughing at something Freud improvised. Tonight we rehearse in the space where we will be performing the show - a rare treat for an itinerant company in Chicago!


Yesterday, I asked...

"A British company named Intercytex has developed a new technique to treat baldness that involves what?"

16% said "Radiation"
- Yes. And the treatment involves a choice between a wig or a doo rag.

No one chose "Early gene detection" or, thankfully, "Avoiding having sex with bald guys"

84% got it right on with "Cloning"

According to The Times, millions of men and women who suffer from premature baldness or hair loss could soon be able to regain their original lustrous locks - by cloning their remaining hair in the laboratory, research suggests. The new technique, known as “follicular cell implantation”, has already shown positive results in continuing clinical trials on human beings.

Just what I need. Clone Wars on my scalp while being pelted with marshmallows by telekinetic robot monkeys.

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