Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Moving My Body Sale!

I'll be spending the morning, after I do laundry, posting pictures of more stuff I want to sell before I move this bag of meat, bones and water from Logan Square to Rogers Park. I'm looking forward to being close to the Red Line, Devon Street, A New Leaf, Heartland Cafe, The Side Project and Lifeline Theatre.

So, today and tomorrow, look for the final push of stuff I want to sell before I shift north.


Yesterday, I asked...

"Sheikh Saleh al-Fozan, a senior Saudi cleric, has called for the death penalty for those appearing on television whom many clerics refer to as what?"

36% said "TV Reality Show Hosts"
- Finally, something I can support them in.

10% said "Zombies"
- Probably not, otherwise they would have offed Condoleezza Rice already.

No one said "Ogres"

54% got it right with "Sorcerers"

According to Reuters, a senior Saudi cleric has said purveyors of horoscopes on Arab television should face the death penalty, a paper said on Sunday, days after another cleric argued death for TV owners. "Sorcerers who appear on satellite channels who are proven to be sorcerers have committed a great crime ... and the Muslim consensus is that the apostate's punishment is death by the sword," Sheikh Saleh al-Fozan told al-Madina daily. "Those who call in to these shows should not be accorded Muslim rites when they die," the prominent cleric added. Many of the hundreds of Arab satellite channels have sprung up in recent years specialise in horoscopes and other advice to callers on solving problems that is seen as "sorcery". In their capacity as judges, clerics of Saudi Arabia's austere form of Islam often sentence "sorcerers" to death.

OFTEN sentence sorcerers to death!?! Glad to see these guys are earning their keep and focusing on the true spirit of their religion. This sounds familiar to Americans. Does the test for sorcery involve throwing someone into a lake and if they sink and drown they are NOT a sorcerer?



Henri D said...

Their religion is D&D, clerics vs. sorcerers! Holy Crap (literally) now we know their weakness, up close combat!

Erica said...

I am happy you'll be back up in our hood again.

More carpools and commutes together!

David Devries said...

Wow, from the locations in Rogers Park that you named, it sounds like you're going to move within mere blocks of my apartment. What a coincidence.

Joe Janes said...

Robowriters at your house!