Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Why McCain Won't Let Palin Step Down

There's a lot of rumblin's in Washington and across the country that McCain screwed up and needs to cut Palin loose. That won't happen. We have seen McCain reverse positions, sometimes in a day, on all kinds of issues. Most recently, the economy. The reason it's so confounding, is because he never acknowledges that he has changed his position. He just puts things into context for us - in his bitten-in-the-ass-wincing-grandfatherly way. He has never admitted he was wrong about anything and he will never admit that Palin was the wrong choice. His wrong choice.He'll stick to his choices do or die because, dammit, that's what a Maverick does. Apparently.

There's someone else who never admits he was wrong about anything and never shows remorse for his decisions. He's the guy who currently occupies the White House. He calls himself The Decider. Which he is. It's just that most of the decisions have been boneheaded and he refuses to make note of that.

And that's another reason why McCain and Bush will stay in Iraq until they have achieved victory. Otherwise, they'd have to admit they fucked up. 100,000 military and civilian casualties is a good decision and they intend to add more bones to the pile until the Iraqis finally get it through their thick skulls that we liberated them.

So, if you want McCain, you are stuck with Palin. The Maverick has decided.


Kermit asks the musical question, "Why are there so many songs about rainbows?"

Well, there aren't, Kermit. Except for the one in which you sing that inquiry, I can't think of one damn other tune. Oh, sure, there's that other song you're thinking of that Judy Garland sings, but you know what? It's not about rainbows! It's about some place over the rainbow. The rainbow is just some colorful wall of Berlin. An obstacle to seeing trouble melt like lemon drops. There's an old country song called Rainbow Stew. Know what it's about? Stew!

So, there, Kermit. My friend. I suggest you change that lyric to "Why is this the only song about rainbows?"



Friday night. 8pm. iO. Be there. See me. Touch me. Feel me.


Yesterday, I asked...

"Third grade teacher Donna Coulter of Kissimmee Charter Academy was recently fired for asking her students to do what?"

50% said "Tell their parents to vote Democrat"
- And to punch the hole in the vote card ALL THE WAY THROUGH!

25% said "Buy her artwork"
- It wouldn't have been bad, except she draws like a 30-year-old.

No one said "Wash her car"

25% got it right with "Give her massages"

According to WFTV in Orlando, in Donna Coulter's third grade class, each student had a job. It could be cleaning the room, organizing books or taking out the trash, but one task really upset parents."One of the jobs she was giving was to give her massages," said parent Stacey Vazquez. While school administrators did not want to go on camera, they did tell Eyewitness News that effective Tuesday Coulter no longer works there. They sent home a note to parents saying, "Due to unforeseen circumstance, Ms. Coulter will no longer be teaching your student in the third grade."

I think this is very short-sighted thinking on the parents and school administrator's part. This is Florida. Orlando, no less. These kids need to learn vocational skills early. The real estate market is crap right now. Jobs at the amusement parks are only for slave who can smile. Learn to give massages, and there's more work opportunity. And there's always a happy ending.


Jason said...

Kermit asks the musical question, "Why are there so many songs about rainbows?"

Perhaps you'd prefer he ask, "Why are there so many songs done by Rainbow?"

I mean, the Catch the Rainbow anthology alone has, like, 28.

Joe Janes said...

That is a much better question!

Why are there so many songs done by Rainbow...What's on the other side of the album...

mark krause said...

just watching the debate, can palin answer any question without generalities? great choice john, not the person i want a heartbeat away. at least biden is saying something,whether i agree or not with him at least i know he is prepared and knowledgable. a republican worried about us middle class people give me a break bitch.

Joe Janes said...

I agree, Mark. Too many damn "You bethcas" and "Darn rights." She seems to confuse patriotism with school spirit.