Sunday, March 29, 2009

Week 10, Day 69 - “77"

Written by Joe Janes
69 of 365


(Reggie and Lionel are pith-helmet-wearing British explorers tied to a stake. Cannibals Ram and Ant tend to them. Ram is feeding Lionel big spoonfuls of meat from a pot.)

I say, Reggie. I didn’t expect these cannibals to be feeding me so much.

What is it they’re making you eat, Lionel?

So far, I’ve had a Turkish explorer and a Dutch missionary.

Must be trying to fatten you up.

No. We just got Food Network. Ram trying to make cannibal turducken. Or in this case, Turk-Dutch-man. (Ant and Ram high five)

And what are you going to try to make with me? Rack of Reggie?

(Ant produces a large funnel with a long hose.)

Foie Gras!

(Ant shoves the hose into Reggie’s mouth and begins spooning corn into the funnel. Reggie struggles and makes “mouth full of hose” sounds. You know the kind.)

Buck up, Reggie. At least you’re going out a delicacy.



idjar said...

Couple of great zingers:


and, even though it was parenthetical

"“mouth full of hose” sounds. You know the kind."

Jeannie said...

Good one, Turk-Dutch-man.....It is so corny(no pun intended w/later line)that it is funny.... The foie gras point works on many levels...


Joe Janes said...

I'm not sure I'm done with this one, yet. I like the set up, but not so crazy about the out. I was torn between the current one and one of them being a raw foodist or vegetarian. I'll either rewrite this one or do another installment.

Lori said...

Hey I'm sure there are plenty more cannibals out there to work with, all with different palates. They all have a story - especially the vegetarian cannibal.

Anonymous said...

I like this idea alot, and I like the sketch. The concept of a vegetarian cannibal is funny to me too. I cannot wait to see what else you come up with!


Henri D said...

I love your mind! Now put it on a plate for my consumption, Zing-oo demands it!

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