Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Week 12, Day 79 - “April Showers”

“April Showers”
Written by Joe Janes
79 of 365

Mother, 30s
Daughter, 12
Father, 30s

(Lights up on a mother and young daughter standing outside a door. Inside we hear horrible sounds of a man in pain. Crying, wailing, gnashing of teeth, some throwing of things about, fists pounding on hard surfaces, some settling down, panting, slowing, sniffing, throat clearing, silence, a sigh of relief. An envelope slides out from under the door. The mother picks it up. The daughter puts a stamp on it.)

Honey. Don’t forget to do the state taxes.

(More intense wailing and thrashing about as lights fade.)


idjar said...

This would no doubt play well in production, but Father's pain seemed short in duration, considering the tax actuality cause.

It seemed to me he was only just passing a stone . . . only just . . .

Joe Janes said...

It's definitely all in the execution. The father needs to sound like he's going through a combo of anal rape, waterboarding, root canal and kidney stones. Maybe some gout thrown in for good measure.

GarinT said...

The stage directions made me feel like I was reading Desire Under the Elms. I've never read it, but there weren't any elms mentioned and it certainly seemed intense enough.

This is a misguided attempt at a compliment.

x beats x said...

LMAO!!!!!!! Nice one Joe. :)