Sunday, May 24, 2009

Week 18, Day 126 - “The Hitchhiker"

“The Hitchhiker”
Written by Joe Janes
126 of 365

The Hitchhiker

(In the dark, we hear rain and thunder.)

Late at night…Alone on the road…

(Stage left, lights come up on Steve driving at night in the rain.)

I can’t believe the bad luck I’m having. It’s the middle of the night, it’s pitch black out, and I’m on a long stretch of deserted highway. Things could not possibly be worse.

(Lights quickly fade on Stave.)

…There’s only one rule of the road… Don’t pick up The Hitchhiker.

(Stage right, there’s an extended flash of lightning with thunder revealing The Hitch Hiker standing with his back to the audience with his thumb out. Lights out on The Hitch Hiker, back up on Steve.)

I’ve been driving for hours all by myself. Oh, what good fortune. A hitchhiker.

(Steve pulls over. The Hitch Hiker gets in. He is a quiet, imposing man. )

You are a lifesaver, mister. Let me tell you. Going crazy in this car. I know you shouldn’t pick up hitchhikers. You hear all those crazy stories about psychos chopping up families and stuff. You know? You know?

(The Hitchhiker stares intensely at Steve. Steve gulps in fear. The Hitchhiker reaches into his coat pocket… Steve screams… and pulls out a fruit roll-up.)

Fruit Roll-Up? They’re made with real fruit!

I love Fruit Roll-Ups!

The Hitchhiker.

99 roll-ups of fruit on the wall, 99 roll-ups of fruit, take one down, pass it around, 98 roll-ups of fruit on the wall.

(Lights fade)

Barely making it to DVD this summer.


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Joe Janes said...

My usual policy is to delete unsolicited ads, but this sounds really cool. Good luck with the book.